I like helping organize people, teams, departments and companies to more effectively produce value. Creating highly productive groups through reorganization has been a driving theme in my life for over 30 years.

I am currently an agile product and marketing consultant, helping companies rapidly adapt to new market conditions and risks.

From 2007 to 2012, I worked for Citrix Online as Director, Agile Program Office and User Experience. I worked with the heads of Engineering and Product Management to optimize developer effort, maximize value and satisfy new markets. I spearheaded the adoption of Scrum and other agile methods throughout the company, training over 200 people. During my 4-year tenure, Citrix Online raised its release rate by a factor of 5, and gained market share to become the number 2 provider of collaboration software.

I have been involved in several software startups. Some gained liquidity, one did not. I also keep a toe in academia: I co-chair the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science Agile/Lean track with Jeff Sutherland. I was Principal Investigator on three National Science Foundation grants.

I love to travel. This photo has a story: Overstock.com’s CEO had a meeting in New York. Happy with our efforts to restructure his engineering department, he took Ron Lussier and me along in his jet (wow), and put us in a hotel facing Central Park. The snow was falling on Christo’s Gates.

When profession, recreation and creativity flow seamlessly, when I can’t distinguish work from fun, that’s when life is good.