• Sculpture of a boy and man. The boy is the same height as the man, making the proportions seem weird

    Naked in Tallinn

    I travel internationally for work, and there I live life as an alien. I practise few local customs well. I have few local friends. I must observe, think carefully, and adapt. I must ask questions we haven’t asked since we were 5. Which phrase means “Men’s Locker Room”? How do I avoid being fleeced, when…

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  • Image a projected Buddha glowing inside a 20 meter high carved inset in a cliff. People are milling about below.

    Theism, Supernaturalism, Secularism

    What is the difference between theism, supernaturalism, and secularism?

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  • Resolve to Succeed: Plan

    When we create New Year’s resolutions, we are using project management skills to achieve a personal goal. We can use detailed upfront planning, adaptive planning, or no planning. What approach works best for happier outcomes?

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